Elmo's Closet

Elmo's Closet
At Elmo's Closet, they handcraft collars and leads that are as practical as they are fun and whimsical. When you browse through our fabric collections, we're sure you'll find something you like - whether its for everyday wear or for your seasonal attire.

All their collars and leads are lovingly handcrafted in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials.

•The cotton fabric cover helps keep pet fur from matting.

•The high-tensile strength webbing forms a strong inner core for both the collars and leads.

•The heavy-duty buckles and slide make the collars fully adjustable.

•The thick, metal D-rings on the collars and heavy-duty bolt snap-locks on the leads ensure a secure collar-lead connection.

What's more, their products are super easy to clean. Simply treat them with a stain remover (such as Spray 'n Wash®), hand or machine wash in cold water, and line or machine dry. You can keep items clean between washings by treating them with a fabric protector (such as ScotchgardTM).

Personalization is available for $7.50

Collar Sizing

Cat(Breakaway) 3/8" x 7-11"

Petite 3/8" x 5"-9"

Small 1/2" x 8"-12"

Medium 3/4" x 11"-16"

Large 1" x 15"- 22"

X-Large 1" x 19"- 29"

Step-In Harness

Petite 3/8" x 9-14" Girth

Small 1/2" x 12-18" Girth

Medium 3/4" x 16-24" Girth

Large 1" x 22-36" Girth

XL 1" x 32-50" Girth

Training Collar

small 1/2"x8-12" Cinch length 3"

Medium 3/4"x11-16" Cinch Length 4"

Large 1"x15-22" Cinch Length 5"

Xlarge 1"x19-29" Cinch Length 5"